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What to expect from your
Massage by A Big Fine Woman

A massage should make you feel good. Get to know the steps beforehand so you’re feeling as relaxed as possible when I come to give you your massage? Your session starts with a conversation with me. By understanding what you’re looking to accomplish, I can then pull from various massage types and incorporate elements of them to address your specific needs.

Let Me Get To Know You

First things first, when booking your appointment you’ll fill out your personalized form to indicate any medical history, injuries, pressure preference or physical conditions I should be aware of.

Once I arrive at your home ill go over the personalized form with you and discuss the areas of your body you'd like to address and inform you of the modalities of massage ill be using.


Time To Get Comfy

Once my table is set up Ill step out of the room, allowing you to disrobe (to your comfort level) and lay face down onto the table underneath the top sheet and blanket. During your massage, I will only uncover the areas of your body I’m working on. Ensuring you’re comfortable is my most important goal.  Please let me know if there are any adjustments I can make to ensure that comfort.


Come And Talk To Me

Again your comfort matters; Feel free to talk to me as much, or as little, as you wish. Am I giving you enough pressure or maybe too much? Please let me know. If you want me to spend more time on a specific area - Please Ask! Yes! Let me know. You need a sip of water, a Kleenex tissue, is that song annoying you, or you just want to tell me I’m all around amazing. Let me know. I’m here for you.


Relax All Your Muscles

It’s important to relax your mind and muscles during your massage. Breathe normally and try not to tighten or contract your muscles.  Understand that I get it. I’m a complete stranger asking you to relax all your muscles (the ones you utilize everyday) and give me authority over the movement of those muscles.  If you start to contract your muscles ill use phrases like, “let your leg fall in my hand” or “let your head go and let if melt into my hand”.



When your massage is complete, I’ll let you know and will leave the room so you can get dressed.  Ill follows up with a few questions about your experience. You’ve probably heard that you should drink water right after to stay hydrated. Water is great to drink all the time, however I believe its way more important to be hydrated before your massage.  So drink plenty of water 24 hours before your massage.  Any way I can better serve you through massage I’m here for you.

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